Weird Imaginary Stuff I Used To Do As A Kid

Present TV shows.

I was convinced an audience would be really interested in the “potions” I made in the bath by squashing bubbles until they turned almost-liquid and packaging them in the cup I used to rinse my hair. I knew I had to be subtle about it, though, because onceĀ I was doing a TV show about schoolwork (this was before I started school, which is definitely the best time to broadcast your advice about how to handle it) while my mum was hoovering and she heard me loudly declare “AND YOU MAKE SURE TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK EVERY DAY,” and she turned the hoover off and said “What?” and I said “Nothing.”

My facility in the field of imaginary television is not something I can put on a CV, but back then I truly thought I was really, really good at it. Continue reading “Weird Imaginary Stuff I Used To Do As A Kid”

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